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What is Talking Minds?

Talking Minds is a website hosted by the NZ Early Intervention in Psychosis Society and co-designed with young New Zealanders who have experienced psychosis, and their families/whānau. Its aim is to help inform young people in New Zealand and worldwide about psychosis so that they can recognise the signs early on and be empowered to live their lives to the fullest. The website also provides information for families and friends who wish to learn more about psychosis and how best to support young people who experience it. Talking Minds can be used whenever and wherever. One way to use it is as a tool to help guide conversations with health professionals about psychosis, so that discussions around care and wellbeing are tailored to the young person’s own circumstances, interests and concerns.

Funding and partners

Talking Minds was made possible through a no-obligations grant from Janssen New Zealand, awarded through The Auckland District Health Board Charitable Trust (the A+ Trust), Auckland, New Zealand. The purpose of the grant was to create a resource to educate young people about psychosis and the importance of early support and management. The funder had no influence over the content or the design of the website.

A range of expert advisors, including people who have experienced psychosis, psychologists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, psychiatrists, nurses, and cultural and family advisors, contributed across various aspects of the project. The co-design process and the development of the website were led by a team of designers and health researchers from the Design for Health and Wellbeing Lab (DHW Lab).

Young people and their families/whānau were involved in the co-creation of Talking Minds from the very beginning. Without them, this website would not have been possible. A big THANKS to you – you’re awesome!